Custom Recording

Have a deep dark fantasy you’d like to explore? Perhaps a naughty fetish you’ve kept secret for years? Here’s your chance to turn dreams into reality. A custom Stella recording is created exclusively for you, catering to your most intimate fantasies. I’m open to many types of fetishes, so don’t even think of holding back~


⚪️ Basic
Main voice layer with voice effects and background ambiance.
$500 per 5 minutes

Basic Sample

❤ Deluxe
Adds a secondary voice layer for more effective trance, and an even deeper subliminal voice layer.
Sound effects may be requested as well (moaning, sucking, spanking, high heel clacking, and more)
$650 per 5 minutes

Deluxe Sample

💋 Premier
Adds the option for very complex scenes. Examples include: Being surrounded by groups of women, Multi-layer whisper tracks that fade from ear to ear, or scenes that require a heavy amount of sound effects. Ask and you shall receive.
$800 per 5 minutes

Premier Sample


I require 50% payment up front. I will then work with you to make sure the file’s script is tailored perfectly to your desires. You may choose to have me write the entire script if you want to be surprised! Once the script is finalized, the remaining 50% payment will be charged, and I will begin recording. There are no refunds for custom recordings.


You will receive your custom file no later than 2 weeks after the final payment. The mp3 will be delivered to you through a private download.
I’m usually booked a few months out, and I take requests on a first-come-first-serve basis.

I reserve the right to sell the completed mp3 in my shop. If I decide to do so, any personal details, such as your name, will be removed.

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